Our Columnists

David Flynn

Few people spend more time on planes, in lounges or mulling over the best ways to use frequent flyer points than David Flynn, the editor of Australian Business Traveller magazine.

Michael Jarosky

A Sydney-based personal trainer, Michael Jaroskycajoled thousands of Executive Style readers to undertake his ‘Cut The BS’ diet, and champions charity weight-loss event, Droptober.

Michael O’Reilly

Michael O’Reilly has become one of Australia’s most respected voices on road cycling issues. His measured and well-researched opinions have earned numerous awards and accolades and he occasionally appears on cycling programs on SBS.

Phil Barker

With more than 25 years in media, Phil Barker is a consultant creative director and communications specialist, currently writing a book on "man stuff" for publisher Allen & Unwin. He is a regular commentator on the life and style of Australian men.

Laura Hill

The goal of one day completing an ultra-marathon inspires running fanatic Laura Hill to clock up the kilometres each week. With a day job in the corporate world, Laura loves nothing more than lacing up her runners and hitting the pavement.

James Atkinson

Just add alcohol ... James edits beer bible BrewsNews and is a former editor of The Shout, and also roves across spirits, wines and bar culture in search of the best imbibing experiences Australia has to offer.

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