Five of the best hard-hitting workouts you can fit in your lunchtime

Whether you're a corporate tycoon, an everyday hustler or simply time-poor at the very best of times, there has never been a better time to put fitness and wellbeing at the top of your 'to-do' list.?

But with time often the biggest excuse to not working up a sweat, here is a list of the best CBD-based fitness gyms and studios guaranteed to hit that heart rate peak and have you back at the desk before lunch is over.

Body Fit Training

One of Australia's fastest growing group training workouts, Body Fit Training offers 50-minute group training sessions set to target fat loss to build lean muscle. This is done by delivering result-driven programs via progressive training loads.

Can confirm, every part of your body will ache post a BFT workout, but the feeling you get knowing you're pushing your body to the limit is well worth the pain. No pain no gain, right?

BFT is one of the fastest growing fitness classes to hit the scene, having just launched into the Sydney market at Town Hall after taking Melbourne by storm.

The professional's workout

It's point of difference sees a science-backed program that elite athletes would use, now available for those lunchtime corporate warriors.?

Founded by Cameron Falloon, a former AFL strength and conditioning coach and high performance manager, Falloon takes his experience and expertise and applies it to each and every BFT workout, filling a void in the fitness landscape.

"One was that the majority of group training providers all did similar things and predominantly did aerobic training, so are therefore very one-dimensional," says Falloon.


Grab a work buddy and feel the endorphin rush.


One of the latest fitness frenzy's to hit the scene, Orangetheory is a 60-minute circuit workout that allows each individual to go at their own pace, under the guidance of trained professionals.?

It's also quite possibly one of the hardest workouts you'll do, and perfect for those looking to get in a quick sweat at lunchtime.

The workout at Orangetheory focuses on the idea of EPOC - excess post-exercise oxygen consumption - which, if you are challenging your body at the right intensity, will allow you to burn calories long after your workout is over. The 36-hour burn, as Orangetheory calls it.

Work smarter, not harder

This is directly linked to health benefits like weight management, cardiovascular health and the guarantee of leading a healthier life.

Using the latest cutting-edge heart-rate technology –?that is, for once, accurate –?your fitness is tracked throughout each and every session, helping you to garner the best results as well as monitor your progress over a set period of time.

Fostering a mentality of working smarter, not harder, Orangetheory is perfect for those wishing to ease into their fitness regime, but reap the benefits in the long term.

Virgin Active

Having just opened its newest location on Bligh street in Sydney's CBD, Virgin Active is the health club for those who like to workout in style.

Come and go as you please, with a range of unlimited classes and facilities available to each member throughout any given week - classes like boxing, reformer pilates, yoga, cycle and grid HIIT. Whether you're looking to escape the desk for an hour, or just need a break, Virgin Active is a hub for working professionals - and anyone in between - who need to workout on the go.

Virgin Active's newest club in Sydney, Bligh Street, is led by world-class expert coaches who promote a holistic approach to achieving a healthy and balanced mind, body and lifestyle; members are encouraged to workout on their terms.


There's no doubt you've heard about Barry's; the game changing, high-intensity workout phenomenon that sees the likes of David Beckham and Harry Styles taking part every week. It has truly launched a global fitness revolution, with its High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout burning up-to 1000 calories a class in the signature red room.?

Taking the fitness world by storm, Barry's already has a?third Sydney location having opened in?Kings Cross, with a Melbourne studio to follow this September.

No class is the same, with a rotating schedule that will work all parts of the body. And after a gruelling Barry's workout, the iconic Fuel Bar will serve made-to-order protein smoothies, alongside a lounge area offering a calming post-workout refuge.?

The bathroom amenities even boast luxurious Oribe and Dyson products, with fresh towels and individual lockers available to every member –?there's really no excuse not to workout!

Bodhi & Ride

Boutique lifestyle studio Bodhi & Ride offers an intense, whole-body workout, adding elements from a traditional spin class that transform the cardio experience into one that is fun and addictive.

With every session, Bodhi & Ride will have riders burning between 400-600 calories in each 45-minute class.

A new wave of 'fit-ainment' exercising, Bodhi & Ride will drag time-poor corporates away from their desks and onto the bike - and believe me, you will be up and moving.

The signature Ride45 class involves high intensity cardio tracks that provide a challenging HIIT workout that will get you sweating.?

Which workouts have given you the best results? Share your experience in the comments section below.