This year's Met Gala was never going to be fun for the men

This year's Met Gala was always going to be a challenge, especially for the gents. Particularly for the gents!

Which is somewhat ironic because the whole concept of getting tarted up for a red carpet celebrating fashion is the very essence of camp. Only, before it became the official theme, they just had no idea they were doing it.

Andrew Bolton, Head Curator at the Met, has now rather famously said that camp is impossible to define. And he's not wrong. But nor is he right.

Camp exists at the fringe of culture, just on the wrong side of good taste and acceptability. Sure it can be glamorous but it's also a little bit tacky in the kindest possible way.

Which is probably why it was the LGBT community that have been its biggest fans and, ultimately, the best examples and standard-bearers?of camp culture. Camp gave them an opportunity to carve out a persona that was resilient, flipping the script on the expected standard.

And, as someone who exists in that community, I think this is why it was always going to be a struggle for the attending men.

They just didn't want to look too gay.

Which is disappointing but ultimately not surprising. There is still enough stigma in Hollywood - and in the world where fanbases exist - that coming out as gay is not an option for people who are seeking those big box office roles or topping the Billboard charts.

The fact that the openly bisexual Frank Ocean chose a Prada puffer jumper and matching black pants says a lot about these double standards that are created, often done so subconsciously. You can be openly part of the LGBT?community, but just don't look it.


Trevor Noah turned?up in T-shirt that read?"this is all a formality"; Liam Hemsworth came straight from a black-tie BBQ while Kanye West looked like the local delivery driver; both Toms - Ford and Brady - sported a variation of what they always wear and Jimmy Fallon?was in his work uniform. All of these aren't just uninspired, they begged the question why bother coming at all?

Some of the lads did give it a red hot go, however,?even if they didn't quite hit the mark.

Lewis Hamilton's suit was fun but what took him over the line was his hair band. (Fun fact, Jason Momoa at the Oscars wearing pink velvet with a matching scrunchie was more camp than most of the men at the Met tonight.)

Harry Styles did his best but a see-through shirt and heels doesn't quite cut it. Tommy Hilfiger, however, in sparkly boots and a star-spangled banner suit was?on point. Australian actor Keiynan Lonsdale represented Down Under in the best possible cock-in-a-frock-on-a-rock way and Riverdale-actor Cole Sprouse was actually not bad.

Michael Urie?from Ugly Betty?knocked it out of the park in his split-persona ensemble. As did RuPaul's incredibly tacky sequined camo suit.

See what happens, when you aren't afraid to embrace your queer side?

It's the number of missed opportunities that really makes this year's Met Gala the most disappointing.

Parody lay at the heart of camp's sensibility. So to be reminded of the fact that the machismo-dripping men of Hollywood are so sensitive to their masculine image they can't even play dress up, it just takes the fun out of it entirely.

Check out the gallery above to see the men who put in their best effort at this year's Gala.